Scordatura Squid III for detuned solo violin, World Premiere with Juanmanuel Flores

Camden Reeves Scordatura Squid IIICamden Reeves
Scordatura Squid III

Juanmanuel Flores will give the world premiere of Camden Reeves’ Scordatura Squid III, for detuned solo violin, in Monterrey, Mexico on Wednesday 26 June 2019. The concert will take place at the Alfonso Reyes Hall of CONARTE.

This is the third in my cycle of works for detuned violin inspired by the Googly-Eyed Glass Squid (Tuethowenia pellucida). This weird creature has the ability to inflate its transparent body and fill itself with ink, thus rendering itself invisible in the darkness of the abyss. Stretched out of shape, like the animal itself, the strings of the violin are tuned one tone higher than normal, such that the music sounds glassy and distorted.

Scordatura Squid III is proudly available from Composers Edition