Catalogue of works


Piano Concerto (2009), for piano and large orchestra, duration: 20 minutes

  1. Première: Richard Casey (piano), University of Manchester Symphony Orchestra, Mark Heron (conductor) (28-02-09)

Five Orchestral Species (2000), for orchestra, duration: 8 minutes

  1. Première: University of York Chamber Orchestra/John Stringer, University of York (02-03-00)

186,000 Miles per Second (1998), for orchestra, duration: 2 minutes

•Commissioned by Granada Television

•Première: Hallé Orchestra/Karl Davis, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester (3-11-98), repeated (14-11-98)

  1. Further performance: BBC Philharmonic/Clark Rundell, Manchester Sonic Skylines festival (10-05-06), broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (10-11-06)

Squid (1997), for orchestra, duration: 8 minutes

•Commissioned by the Hallé Orchestra

•Première: Hallé Orchestra/Owain Arwel Hughes, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester (01-07-97)

Two Symphonies in One Movement (1996), for orchestra, duration: 7 minutes

•Première: Hallé Orchestra/Bill Connor, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester (18-04-97)

Symphony on the antiphon ‘Stella Celi’ (1995), for orchestra, duration: 3 minutes

•Première: RNCM Symphony Orchestra/Timothy Redmund, RNCM, Manchester (05-10-95), broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (03-15-96)

PIano music

Diablo Canyon (2006), for piano solo, duration: 4 minutes

•Première: Richard Whalley, University of Manchester (24-04-07)

•Further Performance: Richard Casey, University of Manchester (30-04-07)

Das Hexenklavier (2006), for piano solo, duration: 12 minutes

•Première: Richard Casey, University of Manchester (03-05-06)

  1. Further performances: Richard Casey, University of Sussex (22-02-07); Eliza McCarthy, Purcell Room London (05-01-09)

Notturno dalle fiamme dell’inferno (2005), for piano solo, duration: 7 minutes

•The ‘Praeludium’ was a set work for the 2006 British Contemporary Piano Competition

•Commissioned by Clive Williamson

•Première (‘Praeludium’ movement): Clive Williamson, University of Surrey (15-03-05)

•Première (complete work): University of Manchester (10-06-05)

•Further performances: Richard Casey, Rathbone Hall, University of Liverpool (13-09-06); University of Manchester (03-05-06 and 08-05-06); Clive Williamson, The Warehouse, London (01-12-06)

Lucifers’ Dynamo (2005), for piano solo, duration: 25 minutes

  1. Première: Richard Casey, University of Manchester (10-02-05), repeated Durham (17-03-05), Leeds (19-04-05) and Belfast (21-04-05)

Inventions & Fantasies (2002), for piano solo, duration: 17 minutes

•Commissioned by Dominic Saunders with funding from the RVW Trust

•Première: Dominic Saunders, BMIC ‘Cutting Edge’ tour 2002, York Early Music Centre, York (14-04-02), repeated Djanogly Recital Hall, University of Nottingham (05-05-02), Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (12-05-02)

•Further performance: Richard Casey, University of Manchester (30-04-07)

Piano music published by

chamber Music

Fireworks Physonect Siphonophore (2009), for string quartet, duration: 6 minutes

•Première: Quatuor Danel, University of Manchester (23-04-09)

•Further performance: Quatuor Danel, Manchester Grammar School (24-04-09)

Night Descending (2002), for soprano, bass clarinet, violin, cello & piano, duration: 55 minutes

•Première: Alison Wells and Gemini Ensemble, University of Manchester (10-06-05)

Starlight Squid (1998, rev. 2001), for piano trio, duration: 7 minutes

•Première: David LaPage, Zoe Martlew & Dominic Saunders, The Warehouse, London (04-12-01)

•Further performances: Korvat Auki, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland (27-05-01); Lawson Trio, Purcell Room, London (23-11-06), repeated at Glossop Concert Society (25-11-06), Queen’s University Belfast (08-03-07), University of Manchester (28-02-08)

The Kraken (2000), soprano, bass clarinet, violin, cello & piano, duration: 5 minutes (now part of Night Descending)

•Commissioned by Gemini

•Première: Alison Wells & Gemini, 4 performances in Taiwan (10-15-03-00)

•Further performance: ZKM students, Klangriffe festival, Karlsruhe (17-05-03)

Kraken Attack (1999), for flute/alto flute, clarinet, cello & piano, duration: 25 minutes

•Première: Capricorn, University of York (05-05-00)

Ulysses (1999), for oboe/cor anglais & harp, duration: 12 minutes

•Commissioned by Okeanos

•Première: Okeanos, University of York (24-04-99)

Vampire Squid from Hell (1997), flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano & percussion, duration: 10 minutes

•Commissioned by Psappha with funds from Northwest Arts

•Première: Psappha, RNCM, Manchester (10-10-97)

Physical Mantra (1996), for flute/alto flute, clarinet, piano, 2 percussion, harp, violin and cello, duration: 6 minutes

•Première: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group/John Carewe, Leamington Spa (05-07-97)

Casma (1994), for flute/alto flute, cello, piano, percussion, duration: 6 minutes

•Prize-winner at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, 1994

•Première: Basle Soloists/Gwyn Pritchard, St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield (23-11-94)

Square Centipede (1994), for string trio, duration: 8 minutes

•Prize-winner, Royal Overseas League Composition Prize, 1994

•Première: members of the Kreutzer Quartet, Overseas House, London (16-09-94)

INstrumental solo (excl. piano)

Scordatura Squid (2008), for solo violin, duration: 4 minutes

•Première: David Routledge, University of Manchester (25-01-08)

Parade of the Dead (2006), for solo cello & piano, duration: 6 minutes

•Première: Jennifer Langridge and Richard Casey, University of Manchester (01-02-07)

Sonata (2003), for solo unaccompanied ‘cello, duration: 12 minutes


The Forging of Iron (2003), versions for solo guitar, or guitar & vibraphone, duration: 8 minutes

•Première: Psappha, The Cornerstone, Liverpool (27-03-03), repeated University of Manchester (28-03-03)

The Song of Aino (2002), for solo cor anglais & harp, duration: 7 minutes

•Commissioned by the Northop Festival

•Première: Celitica Duo, Northop (18-04-02)


Echo from the Styx (2006), for soprano & piano, duration: 3 minutes

•Commissioned by Madeleine Bradbury-Rance

•Première: Madeleine Bradbury-Rance and Tim Harper, Clare College, Cambridge (01-05-06), repeated Kettle's Yard (06-05-06)

Horrorlieder (2005), for soprano & piano, duration: 25 minutes

•Première: Loré Lixenberg and Dominic Saunders, BMIC ‘Cutting Edge’ series, The Warehouse, London (01-12-05), repeated University of Manchester (09-02-06)

Night Descending (2002), see CHAMBER MUSIC

My Blacke Soule (2000), for countertenor, 2 tenors & baritone, duration: 5 minutes

•Première: Hilliard Ensemble, Potsdam, Germany (15-06-01), repeated Osnabrük, Germany (14-09-01)