‘Invention III’ from Inventions and Fantasies (2001)

Richard Casey, piano (Campion Cameo 2070, released 2007)

Complete recording (1’53”)

‘The Kraken’ from Night Descending (2001)

Alison Wells with Gemini (Cadenza CACD 0807, released 2008)

Extract (1’30”)

Starlight Squid, piano trio (2001)

Chagall Trio (Campion Cameo 2053, released 2005)

Extract (0’56”)

Fireworks Physonect Siphonophore, string quartet (2009)

Quatuor Danel, live recording at Manchester Grammar School 24-04-09

Extract (1’44”)

Photo ©Derek Trillo

Piano Concerto (2009)

Richard Casey (piano), University of Manchester Symphony Orchestra, Mark Heron (conductor), live recording at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall 28-2-09

Complete recording (18’15”)